Aguilas Car Hire


There are many wonderful places to stay in the Spanish region of Murcia. However one particular town that is worth considering visiting for a week or more is the town of Aguilas. This town has some great beaches for you to enjoy as it stretches along 28kms of the coastline which the Mediterranean Sea laps against. Of course although you may want to spend time enjoying all this town has to offer it is also a good idea to arrange to rent a car through an Aguilas car hire company.

By arranging to rent a car then of course you have the opportunity to explore more of what the region of Murcia, Spain has to offer. Unlike other towns that you can stay at when visiting this part of Spain you will find that this town has remained relatively unspoilt. This is because many visitors to the region will prefer to head to the more popular tourist resorts.

As you will soon discover when you come to Aguilas there are plenty of activities and events taking place throughout the year. Because of its location the sea remains relatively warm throughout the year so if you want why not try a spot of scuba diving during your visit. However, if you would like to learn more about the wildlife in the region then take a drive further inland. There are numerous places where one can enjoy a spot of hiking or climbing. But make sure that you take the right equipment and plenty of water along with a mobile phone if you are going to do these types of activities.

Although you can spend your days lazing on the beach there are events taking place in the town throughout the year as well. One particular event that has been celebrated for more than 200 years now is the Carnival of Aguilas (Carnival de Aguilas) and where parades take place through the streets with locals dressed up in very ingenious costumes and the whole town takes to the streets to enjoy this spectacle.

Of course you can spend time exploring the cities many attractions including the Castle of St John of the Eagles. But by arranging to rent a car through an Aguilas car hire company allows you to travel to other attractions including the Cope Tower. This particular attraction is found in Bahia de Cope and is around 9kms away just past the town of Calabardina.