Alhaurin Car Hire

Alhaurin Car Hire

The town of Alhaurin el Grande is a short drive back into the hills and allows you the opportunity to get away from the excitement of the coast. In fact a visit to this town offers you the opportunity to get a real feel for life in the Spanish countryside. But this cannot be achieved without organizing Alhaurin el Grande car hire beforehand.

With the town being 239 meters above sea level you are provided with fantastic views looking over the city of Malaga and the coastline of the Costa del Sol. As well as being a short drive from Malaga and the coast you are only a short drive from the town of Antequera. From here you are then able to make a visit to the 3 large lakes surrounded by thousands of pine trees and which the Spaniards refer to as the Malaga Lake District. In fact the Costa del Sol offers you some great sights and wonderful nature to view.

The population of Alhaurin el Grande has grown quite substantially during the last 10 years and in 2007 the number of people recorded living in the town was over 21,700. Of these around 20% of them were foreign nationals. Yet it is a town that stills provides you with the opportunity to sample the rustic charm and character that one normally associates with a traditional Spanish town.

As for eating out then the town Alhaurin el Grande is a great place for trying some local Spanish tapas if you want. However it also has a large number of restaurants and bars around the town that offer international cuisine as well. So finding one that suits your tastes and pocket won’t prove a problem, and will never leave you feeling hungry.

Alhaurin el Grande has also chosen to make the best of the surrounding landscape providing several golf courses among these being Alhaurin Golf & Country Club. That has not 1 or 2 but 3 golf courses for you to try. With its mix of traditional Spanish pueblo being just 30km from Malaga and short distance from the vibrant Costa del Sol, Alhaurin el Grande offers you the best of what this part of Spain has to offer. In order to help you enjoy your time here Alhaurin car hire is crucial.

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