Rent to Own

Do you need a new car but can’t get a bank loan or finance? – “Rent to Own” your next car! No bank loans, no Interest to pay.


So how does Rent to Own work?

Simply pay the initial deposit. Choose either a 12,  24 or 36 monthly rental contract (with very low payments) and when the contract is finished, the car is yours! – No loans, no credit checks!


Questions and Answers;


Q1) Do I need to pass a credit check?
A1) No, none at all. No bank checks, no credit checks.

Q2) How much interest will I pay?
A2) There is no interest to pay.  0%.

Q3) What documents do I need to provide?
A3) A valid driving permit, a valid passport and proof of your address (rental contract, utility bill etc).

Q4) Can I buy the car outright?
A4) Yes, If you want to buy a car outright, we will discount the “buy it now” price by 5%.  You can also buy the car outright, less any rental payments already made, at any time during the Rent to Own agreement.

Q5) Does the insurance, servicing, ITV test fees and circulation tax, cost extra?
A5) All included (within the “care pack”, see below)

Q6) Who pays for the transfer of title as this can be quite expensive?
A6) Transfer of title is included.

Q7) Are the Arrow cars guaranteed?
A7) Yes. For 6 months (from the start of the agreement).

Q8) Can I use my current car as part exchange for my new Rent to Own car?
A8) Yes, depending on what you have.  Just ask.

Q9) Can I buy my Rent to Own car outright?
A9) Yes, at any time, without penalty.

Q10) Can I test drive the car before signing a Rent to Own contract?
A10) Yes, of course. You can even Try Before you Buy –  Hire the car you are interested in for 1 month. If you like it, Rent to Own it. If you don’t, simply return it.  Simple and fair.

Care Pack” helps you spread the costs of insurance, servicing, ITV test fees and Circulation tax (road tax) by allowing you to pay these costs monthly.  Care Pack costs a fixed 56,00euro per month in addition to the monthly rental amount. Note;  Standard Care Pack insurance cover is third party basic cover only.  Full cover insurance can be provided upon request.  Costs for full cover insurance depends on the contract holders individual circumstances.  Ask for a quote.

To find out more, contact us – 0034 952 623 297

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