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Arrow Cars Funding Partners – Together we can beat the banks!

For over 6 years, returns on savings and investments have been stuck around 1 to 3% AER. This is great news for mortgage holders but terrible for people relying on the return on their savings.

However, Investors in Arrow Cars are enjoying returns of between 8% & 11% interest per year.

Their funds are secured by assets and our agreements are recorded with the Malaga Ministry of Justice.

Some testimonials from our current Funding Partners.

“When we first heard of Arrow Car’s investment opportunity, we thought that is too good to be true, so did nothing.  Then our son told us he had heard of the offer on the radio and  thought it was worth pursuing, as he had had dealings with Arrow Cars and was impressed..  Others we spoke who knew Arrow cars, also spoke highly of them.  So we arranged  a meeting with Jeremy Harris.  We felt he was a man we could trust.  Even so, we were hesitant, so just invested in one car.  Since then, we have  received a guarantee and have been updated with documentation and details of the car which  arrow cars have purchased  with our investment.    Interest has been paid not only regularly  but a few days early!   We have now invested in another car, as this really seems to be an excellent investment opportunity.”

Pauline T – B  (Name can be provided upon request)

If you would also like to earn between an 8% and 11% return on your savings and receive regular interest payments directly into your bank, all with a very low investment amount, then please complete the contact form below and you will be sent the full information pack.

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