Javea Car Hire


On the northern coastline of Costa Blanca, Spain lies the town of Javea that is situated beneath the very imposing Montgo Mountain. This resort has become very popular during the last 30 years with visitors from northern Europe choosing to vacation here not just in the summer months but also in the winter. But remember the best way to get around is with a Javea car hire.

Although the number of tourists is increasing steadily it is still a wonderful place to stay and has some of this part of Spain’s finest beaches. But it isn’t just the beaches and the sun that those visiting Javea come for. There are a number of other attractions that draw tourists to it.

This particular resort unlike some of the others on the Costa Blanca is one that offers plenty of things for people of all ages. So of course it makes the perfect holiday destination for families. Of course you could while away the hours on the beaches but why not spend time enjoying other activities that allow you to explore more of the surrounding countryside and also the sea.

If you have never done so before then why not book a day scuba diving off the coast of Javea. As you will soon discover there are several good quality diving shops where such excursions can be arranged through. Along with offering introductory dives many of these also offer courses that allow you to obtain the PADI qualification.

Another thing you may want to do is take one of the many boat trips that are arranged from the port. Along with motor cruisers there are a number of companies that also arrange sailing trips along the Costa Blanca coastline. The great thing about opting for such a trip is that you are able to explore many beaches that are difficult to reach from the roads. Plus they can take you to much smaller ports where you may be able to taste some freshly prepared fish that was caught recently.

If however you are a little more energetic and would like the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside then there a plenty of good routes for trekking that you can use. Just pop into the local tourism office and they have a booklet available listing the routes as well as nature parks close to Javea. If you do intend to go out trekking make sure that you wear suitable clothing, take plenty of sun cream and lotion and of course plenty of water.