Mazarron Car Hire


Situated to the south west of the city of Murcia you will find the town of Mazarron. As you will soon discover when you visit or stay in this town following rental of your Mazarron hire car there is much to learn about the different cultures that have chosen to live in it. Over the centuries the town has not only be occupied by the Romans and Phoenicians but also by Arabs. So as you explore its streets you will see many of their influences still remaining.

Because of its strategic position this city became very important to those who chose to occupy this part of Spain throughout the previous centuries. Along with its castle there are also three further towers situated around the town that built during the Islamic occupation of the city. The towers are known as “The Horse” (Caballos), “The Summit” (Cumber) and “The Windmill” (Molinete) towers.

Of course with so much history to explore within the city you may find that it will be several days before you use your Mazarron hire care to then explore the surrounding area. However if you would prefer not to have to travel any distance to sit down and enjoy the sun then there are 30 different beaches that surround this town that you can enjoy.

However if the sun, sea and sand is getting a little boring then there are plenty of places to enjoy further afield. Why not take time out and visit places such as Totana, Lorca, Sierra de Espuna or Cabo Cope. Also for those of you who want a little more excitement in their holiday and enjoy a round of golf or two there are several great courses where they can play. Not far from Mazarron in a hire car are the courses of Almanzora and Desert Springs.

Plus of course this part of Spain offers some great places where water sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving or sailing can be enjoyed. But of course again in order to reach these activities will require you to arrange hire of a car through a Mazarron Car Rental Company. However in the city itself there is an underwater garden you can explore that is home to a variety of different sea fauna as well as other water life including octopi, dolphins and whales.