Terms and Conditions


For reservations cancelled more than 48 hours before the date and time of collection, the Customer will receive a full refund of the amount paid in advance.

For reservations cancelled between 24 and 48 hours before the date and time of collection, the Customer will receive a 50% refund of the amount paid in advance.

For reservations cancelled less than 24 hours before the dates and time of collection, no refund will be due.

Your Reservation


VAT (IVA) at 21% and all other taxes

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance with excess, occupant insurance and vehicle theft. Theft of vehicle is only valid if the vehicle keys are returned to the Arrow Cars offices and the theft has been reported to the closest police station (Do not leave the keys with the vehicle and unattended).

In the event of an accident a police damage report must be forwarded to Arrow Cars Car Hire within 24 hours. The report must contain the details of all parties involved and signed by both. If not forwarded or if the facts reported are misrepresented, the full costs will be charged to the Customer.

  • Free delivery and collection of the vehicle to/from Malaga airport for pre-paid rentals (reservations booked for collection and return from Malaga Airport only).
  • Customer collection and return to/from the Arrow Cars Head Office/Malaga airport within our Malaga Head opening hours.


  • Additional drivers.
  • Baby / booster seat.
  • One-way rentals. There is a charge to return a vehicle to an office/region different to the collection office/region.  One-way rental fees vary (consult the Arrow Cars Head Office for information).  IT IS PROHIBITED TO TAKE THE VEHICLE OUT OF THE SPANISH PENINSULA including the islands and the Spanish enclaves Ceuta & Melilla
  • All fines incurred during the rental period are the responsibility of the driver. An administration fee of 40.00€ will be charged to the rental contract holder in the event of a fine being received.
  • Tow truck due to driver´s negligence, loss or damages to wheels/tyres, glass, clutch damage due to misuse, damage to underbody and roof, cleaning of upholstery, refuelling error and costs involved; battery recharge. Damages caused due to driver´s miscalculation of the measures of the vehicle such as height, length, width. Damages caused due to driving on untarmacked roads. Any items not specifically mentioned as “included”.
  • Out of hours: an additional fee of 35.00€ applies for any reservations outside of office hours. Out of office hours for Malaga airport are between 23:01 and 08:59 hours (flight details and number are compulsory) and for local offices between 19:01 and 08:59.
  • Fuel: Vehicles are supplied with a full tank: The fuel must be prepaid upon collection of the vehicle. Fuel costs vary between vehicle groups. Typically the Customers will pay between 60,00euro and 80,00euro for a tank of fuel. Upon return of the vehicle with a full tank, the amount paid for fuel will be refunded.  If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank of fuel, there will be no fuel refund due.
  • Sat Nav. Subject to availability.
  • MIFI Subject to availability.
  • Grace Period. Each rental includes a 1 hour courtesy period after the return date and time of the reservation, free of charge. If a vehicle is returned later a fee of 35,00euro will be charged to the Customer.
  • Excess: The amount of the excess fee is described in your rental quote and listed within your rental agreement.  Excess amounts are between 350,00euro and 900,00euro for all vehicle groups.  A full despcription of the excess amounts is listed below in our General Terms and Conditions.  For non Flexi-Lease rentals the Customer can reduce the excess to 490,00euro by choosing to purchase the “Relax Insurance” option. The excess amount will be charged to the client’s credit card upon vehicle collection and will be reimbursed when the vehicle is returned in the same condition as received. In case of accident or damage to the vehicle, the Customer must complete an accident report and present it at the Arrow Cars Head Offices. If the vehicle is stolen, the Customer must report the theft to the Police within 24 hours and present the police report at the Arrow Cars Head Offices.  Failure to notify Arrow Cars of any accident or damages to the vehicle will be interpreted as negligence which will result in additional charges to the Customer.  Arrow Cars are not responsible for bank fees incurred when reimbursing an excess fee to the customer’s account.
  • Relax Insurance. Partial excess waiver cover.  Relax Insurance costs 9,00euro per day (maximum 180,00euro) for rental durations from 3 days to 30 days. For 2 day rentals the costs are 19,00euro per day. For one day rentals the costs are 36,00euro. Relax insurance does protect the Customer from costs involved regarding damage to tires, rims, hubcaps, vehicle interior, interior and exterior mirrors, windows, windscreen, latches, underbody, clutch, engine crankcase catalyst and radiator. Nor does it include the cost of battery charge, loss of key, error of fuel type, tow truck costs for any of the uninsured instances listed within this section and in the event of an accident or after an accident.


Under this contract, Arrow Cars SL. with CIF B92914282 and registered office CTRA Guadalmar No 48,Malaga, 29004, hire the vehicle described on the front of the Contract, to the person identified as the driver and payer (hereinafter referred to as the Lessee) under the terms and conditions specified below (hereinafter the Agreement). By imposing your signature on the front of the Agreement, you acknowledge you have read and agree to all terms and conditions thereof, and agree to comply.


1)   The Lessee acknowledges that they have received the vehicle described in the Agreement, fit for use, clean and in correct maintenance and operating conditions, any damages have been identified and listed and with a full tank. Auxiliary equipment specified has been provided and recorded on page 1 of the agreement


2)  The duration of the lease appears on the front of the rental agreement and specifies the date and time of delivery and return of vehicle and includes a grace period of 60 minutes. Once this grace period is exceeded the Lessee agrees to pay Arrow Cars SL 35.00€ in relation to the late return of the vehicle and 35.00€ for each day after the agreed return date and time stated within the agreement. In the event of the vehicle being abandoned by the Lessee, the Lessee will be responsible for the full cost of recovery of the vehicle and any related costs

The maximum duration of a rental is 30 days.


3)  The Lessee agrees, without prejudice, to preserve and maintain the vehicle, to drive and use it in accordance of the road traffic laws and regulations within the Country of use of the vehicle, road safety and other provisions and obligations that may appear in all clauses

within this Agreement. Any negligence for not respecting road signs will invalidate the vehicle insurance coverage contracted by the Customer in relation to damages to the vehicle rented.

  • When not in use, park the vehicle correctly and legally.
  • Use of the vehicle in competitions, rallying or racing, endurance tests or testing of materials, accessories is forbidden.
  • Lock all doors of the vehicle when not in use.
  • Modification of the vehicles odometer, in any way is forbidden.
  • Do not re-hire, sub lease or use the vehicle for driving lessons, training, courier and delivery services, or commercial and industrial activities.
  • Do not put fuel in the vehicle that is of a different quality or grade or with characteristics different from those applicable and in accordance with the type and grade indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • The only drivers authorised to drive the vehicle are the Lessee and any authorised driver within this agreement.
  • The number of passengers transported within the vehicle must not exceed the number specified by the vehicle manufacturer or permitted by law.
  • It is prohibited to use the vehicle to move, push or tow vehicles, trailers or transport items on the roof, with or without a roof rack.
  • Do not take the vehicle out of the Iberian Peninsula (excluding Gibraltar and Portugal with the appropriate insurance).
  • Do not travel on roads, paved or unpaved that can damage the vehicle, due to the poor state of them.
  • Without limiting the general provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Lessee or any other driver, must not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, medication, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, stimulants or similar substances or under states of decreased driving ability, such as fatigue or disease.
  • Use of the vehicle for illegal activities is prohibited and will invalidate the agreement.
  • Do not transport animals or goods deemed to be inappropriate or unsuitable for the general size/specification of the vehicle.
  • The Lessee will not use the vehicle for public passenger transport without authorization according to the article 45 bis of the Andalusian law 2/2003 of management of urban and metropolitan transports of the 12th of May.


4)  The vehicle will be returned at the branch or designated location on the date and time stipulated within the rental agreement. The vehicle will be returned by the Lessee in the same condition it was delivered, along with all documents, auxiliary equipment, tires, tools and accessories.

The Lessee will not alter the characteristics of the vehicle (mechanical or aesthetic), keys, equipment, tools or accessories, or make any changes to its exterior or interior. In doing so, the Lessee will be liable for all expenses necessary to return the vehicle to its original condition when collected. Without prejudice, costs will include but not be limited to lost rental income whilst the rental vehicle is being restored.

Arrow Cars SL reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time during the term hereof if the use of the vehicle would contravene the provisions of Clause 9.


In the event that the Lessee returns the vehicle on date and time after those stated in the rental Contract, Arrow Cars SL. will charge the Customer the daily price stipulated and increased by 100% adjusted to the actual market price (no price promotions or special offers) with a minimum 35.00 euro per day penalty.

If the customer returns or leaves the vehicle in a different place as stated in the Contract, Arrow Cars SL may require:

  • The daily price stipulated and increased by 100% adjusted to the actual market price (no price promotions or special offers) with a minimum 35.00 euro per day penalty.
  • The daily price stipulated and increased by 100% adjusted to the actual market price (no price promotions or special offers) with a minimum 30 euro per day penalty based on the extra days needed to recover the car and making it available to be rented again.
  • The costs for transportation, cranes, tolls, Arrow Cars SL reserves the right to bring legal actions before the competent authorities in any case

In the event of loss or failure to return the vehicle, the Lessee assumes all responsibility for the costs and consequences.


5)  The Lessee is obliged to return the car on the date and time specified in the rental contract. If the Lessee wishes to extend the rental they must return, to any of the offices or locations of Arrow Cars SL. and sign a revised rental contract. Rental extensions cannot be undertaken by telephone, email, text message or any other way other than in person.

If it is not possible to extend the contract  due to lack of availability of vehicles or any other cause, the Lessee must return the car on the date, time and office agreed.

When applying for a rental extension, Arrow Cars SL may assume the existing rental contract expired and ask the Lessee to sign a new rental contract at that time. In any case the excess amount held by Arrow Cars SL cannot be used to pay for an extension. A rental extension by the Lessee which is unauthorised by Arrow Cars SL will be considered unauthorized use of the rental vehicle.  In this instance the Lessee will bear full responsibility for the costs of any damages to the vehicle, and any costs associated to the vehicle accrued during the period unauthorised extension.  In addition, this instance will also have the same status as non-return of the vehicle at the agreed time.


6)  The Lessee expressly agrees to pay Arrow Cars SL at the beginning of the rental period:

  • The rental charge for the duration of the rental period, according to current rental season.  Rental rates will vary according to the season. The Lessee should check rental rates before they hire the vehicle.
  • All taxes in relation to the rental of the vehicle.
  • The amount of fuel according to the Fuel Policy detailed in paragraph 7
  • Any amounts for additional insurance chosen by the lessee, referred to in the rental agreement.
  • Any charges for the rental of extra equipment and the security deposits related to the rental of such equipment chosen by the Lessee and in relation to the rental of the vehicle.
  • Any kind of application to the Lessee, according to the commercial and contractual conditions offered by Arrow Cars SL.

The Lessee agrees and authorizes Arrow Cars SL. to undertake, after the completion of the rental period and within one month, through electronic payment methods or any other payment method, charges for various items.  The Lessee gives consent to the execution of such charges, specifically the following:

  • The Lessee must return the vehicle reasonably clean and will pay for the cost of cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle if it is returned inappropriately dirty and/or low hygiene level.  This will always be checked in the presence of the customer. The amount of those expenses will be justified by presenting the invoice issued by the service provider.
  • The amount of any type of fine, court costs and extrajudicial costs, arising from improper parking, traffic offenses and rules of transportation or any other kind, which are directed against the vehicle, the Lessee or Arrow Cars SL. during the time of the Rental Contract but if they were attributable to Arrow Cars SL.
  • The Lessee will be responsible for the loss or damage to the windscreen, wing mirrors, keys, wheel trims, rims, tires, clutch, tools, accessories and any possible problem caused by refuelling with the wrong type of fuel. These charges are specified and listed in the document “vehicle damage price list” attached to this rental agreement.
  • The costs of repair and/or replacement of any wheels, tires, tools, accessories, documentation, keys, radio equipment that is damaged, has been replaced or is missing from the vehicle at the end of the rental.

The costs described below specifically related to items not covered by any insurance policy, the customer being responsible for,

  • The amount of the transfer by crane if necessary.
  • The costs of repair of damages to the vehicle and any associated costs in the event of an accident in which the Lessee has not used the vehicle in accordance to the conditions described within this contract.
  • The costs of repair and any associated costs when the vehicle has been involved in an accident which has not been reported in accordance to the conditions described within this contract or the report has not been forwarded to Arrow Cars SL within the correct time or the reported events do not correspond to the actual reality of the events.
  • Any costs incurred in relation to Clause 8

ARROW CARS SL reserves the right to charge the Lessee compensation due to loss of earnings in the form of lost rental days caused by the length of time the vehicle is unable to be hired due to Lessee fault vehicle repairs required. The Lessor will provide a statement and a copy of the invoice in relation to the repairs undertaken and the time the vehicle has spent being repaired and unable to be re-hired. The amount charged will be the standard daily rental rate for the current season and will not include any discounts on special offers.

Before the rental can begin, the Lessee must pay or leave as a guarantee of payment, a cash or credit card deposit or payment, the credit card holder must be the main driver. The deposit is required to ensure the obligations described within this agreement and those required by any legislation can be maintained.


7)  The vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel for which the Lessee must pay for upon collection and before the start of the rental.  For the Lessee to receive a refund of the amount paid for fuel, they must return the vehicle with a full tank of the same type and grade of fuel.  The Lessee must provide a receipt for the fuel purchased as part of the compliance..


8)  The vehicle is insured only for the Lessee and any authorized driver. The policy includes Liability for third party damages arising from agreed use and also

own vehicle damage in a collision, theft, vandalism or accidental fire as long as an incident meets the following conditions:

  • The Lessee must report the incident to Arrow Cars AL. within 24 hours and must also provide the necessary documentation such as the third parties name, address, contact details, insurance details, an accident report, completed and signed by both parties, details of possible witnesses, reported to the authorities and any further relevant information.
  • The insurer does not reject a claim due to the driver not meeting the physical and mental conditions required by the authorities to drive a vehicle on the public highway.
  • The incident hasn’t occurred whilst being misused (see point 9) In any case, damage insurance does not include damage to tires, rims, hubcaps, punctures, blowouts, vehicle interior, interior and exterior mirrors, windows, windscreen, locks and latches, under the vehicle, clutch, engine, oil pan.  Nor does it include the cost for a battery charge, loss of key, tow truck, taxi cab to travel after the accident, fuel error, and lost rental days due to the repair of the vehicle to repair. The Lessee may contract cover from the Lessor to reduce some of these risks when collecting the vehicle.  Coverage and guarantees are only valid if the Lessee is in compliance with the conditions stated above for own damage to the vehicle.

8.1)  The Lessee agrees to immediately inform Arrow Cars SL. of any loss or damage that occurs to the rented vehicle during the rental period and immediately provide to the Lessor any documents, summonses or notices relating to such loss.  The Lessee shall cooperate fully with Arrow Cars SL. and its insurance company in relation to any claim, defence and process. Provision of the information and documents is compulsory and must be provided to Arrow Cars SL within a maximum period of 24 hours of the occurrence of the incident, accident or damage. In particular, when an accident happens, the Customer shall take the following measures:

  • To obtain full details of all parties involved with the accident, including potential witnesses, sketches of the accident and contrary vehicle data (make and model of the vehicles, registration number, insurer, policy number whenever possible, etc).
  • Notify the authorities of the guilt of the other party if the Lessee believes this to be the case.
  • Do not leave or abandon the vehicle without taking suitable steps to protect and safeguard In case of damages, fire, vandalism, theft or disappearance of the vehicle.  If the Lessee has no alternative other than to leave the vehicle, they must inform Arrow Cars SL immediately of the situation and report the situation to the appropriate authorities.


9)  Whilst using the vehicle, the Lessee must respect the related laws and regulations. They are obliged to maintain the vehicle in good condition and avoid any situation that could cause damage to the vehicle or third parties.

Only the Lessee and any person authorized in the contract have permission to drive the vehicle. The Lessee must not allow anyone else to drive and is directly responsible for any damage to the vehicle or third parties if they allow an unauthorised driver to drive the vehicle.

Any event which contravenes the stipulations this rental contract shall be considered and treated as an abuse in which the Lessee will considered liable for all damages caused to the vehicle, and will pay all expenses incurred in accordance with the provisions of section 8 of the Contract.

Should Arrow Cars SL have no alternative other than to recover losses through court proceedings due to the Lessee contravening any stipulations within this Contract, the Lessee will incur all costs related to the proceedings, lawyers and attorneys.

Misuse of the vehicle by the Lessee or any authorised driver, includes, but is not limited to, the following cases cited as examples:

  • Driving the vehicle in areas unfit or unsuitable for the vehicle, such as beaches, tracks, race circuits, rally events etc
  • Drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropics, stimulants or similar substances or in states of decreased driving ability, such as fatigue or illness, or allow another driver to drive the vehicle is such a condition
  • Driving contrary to traffic laws in the local jurisdiction or driving recklessly
  • Parking the vehicle in an inappropriate or illegal area. Not parking properly in a designated area. Not locking the vehicle when parked.
  • Drive the vehicle out of the Iberian Peninsula or without paying to Arrow CARS SL the relevant travel cover to drive the vehicle within Gibraltar or Portugal
  • Drive the vehicle out of the Iberian Peninsula or without paying to Arrow CARS SL the relevant travel cover to drive the vehicle within Gibraltar or Portugal.
  • Use the vehicle for public passenger transport, provide driving courses for courier or delivery of goods, or partake in commercial or industrial activities, or any activity that involves subleasing the vehicle
  • Use the vehicle for illegal activities
  • Allow anyone other than the Lessee or authorised drivers to drive the vehicle
  • Use of the vehicle upon completion of the rental
  • Transport more passengers than specified by the vehicle manufacturer or permitted by law or transport guidelines.
  • Use the vehicle to move, push pull or tow other vehicles or trailers
  • Riding poorly maintained or unpaved road which are likely to damage the vehicle
  • Participate or competing with the vehicle in competitions, contests, endurance training or materials, testing accessories and automotive products
  • Use a different fuel or fuel quality in the vehicle other than that which is specified by the manufacturer for each vehicle
  • Leave objects within the vehicle and which are likely to be stolen with consequent damage to the vehicle
  • Returning the dirty or containing litter beyond what is considered reasonable use
  • Use the vehicle for loading and transporting goods of any kind, or riding the vehicle on the roof, bonnet or boot
  • Modify in any way the odometer of the vehicle


10)  The Lessee and any driver authorised by the Company must be in possession of a valid driver’s license for the duration of the Contract and approved in Spain and with a minimum of one year.  Maintaining the validity of the licence is the sole responsibility of any driver and not that of Arrow Cars SL


11)  The Lessee and / or authorized drivers are jointly liable for all obligations that arise from the rental Agreement and the laws applicable to it.


12)  A deposit of between 350,00euro and 900,00euro will be charged to the Lessees credit card. Arrow Cars SL reserves the right to use some or all of the deposit held to cover damages caused to the Vehicle or any other reason outlined within the Contract whereby the Lessee is obliged to pay for costs incurred by the Company in relation to the Contract

In all other cases, Arrow Cars SL. undertakes to return the deposit to the bank concerned within five days after return of the Vehicle with the exception of Flexi-Lease rentals. In these cases, return of the excess will take up to 30 days to be refunded due to the Company receiving traffic fines or similar on behalf on the Customer after the rental has expired.


13)  Should the Lessee require Arrow Cars SL to provide either a child seat or booster seat during the rental the Lessee must notify the Company in advance, to ensure a unit will be available.  The appropriate fee must be paid prior to taking the device.  In any case the Lessee is responsible for the installation of the device.

In any case Arrow Cars SL will be free from any possible liability for injury or damage arising as a result of a breach by the Lessee of the obligation to use the device required, or installation, or misuse by the Lessee and any possible manufacturing defect of such a device.


14)  Arrow Cars SL. reserves the right to cancel or terminate the contract beforehand with immediate effect and without compensation to the customer in the following cases:

  • Upon receiving information that calls into serious question the financial solvency of the Customer.
  • If the Company suspect the Lessee will use the vehicle for improper or illegal activities
  • The Lessee fails to provide the correct documents required to begin the rental

ARROW CARS S.L., reserves the right to cancel the rental contract during the agreement and withdraw the vehicle from the client and use the tracker systems described in the GENERAL CONDITION 16;

  • In the case the Lessee does not pay the rental amounts or any related fee owed to Arrow Cars S.L. by the Lessee
  • If ARROW CARS suspects the vehicle is used for illegal or inappropriate activities
  • In the case Lessee does not return the car as per the GENERAL CONDITION 4 and 4b.
  • By the lack of maintenance of the vehicle by the Lessee, or its equipment or tools, so the lack of communication of the breakdown of the car or its systems within 48 hours since the client knew them
  • In case the client will drive or by any way transport the vehicle outside the territory of the Iberian Península.


15)  Arrow Cars SL. is not responsible for items stolen, forgotten or lost inside the vehicle.


16)  The vehicles rented by ARROW CARS S.L. are fitted with electronic units for the purpose of;

  • Localization of the vehicles
  • testing the vehicle mechanics
  • controlling risk situations for people and the vehicle
  • Observing the fulfilment of the conditions of this contract as it is stated in the GENERAL CONDITION.

The Lessee acknowledges having being informed that all the vehicles delivered by ARROW CARS S.L. are fitted with a location, blockade & disconnection electronic remote system. The system is included in the vehicle described within this contract. The Lessee accepts and agrees, expressly, in the event of this contract being breached, as described in the previous conditions of this contract, ARROW CARS S.L. would be entitled, after giving notice to the client by means of any way admitted in Law, to block remotely the vehicle, once it will be parked.


17)  In the event of disputes.

  • To resolve any issues or disputes arising from this contract, Arrow Cars SL, is not subject to the jurisdiction of any transportation arbitration board according to the section 38.1 of the law 16/1987 of the 30th of July of the Land Transport Regulations.
  • This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Spanish law. Arrow Cars SL declares its intention to settle any dispute amicably. If this is not possible, any differences arising between Arrow Cars SL and the Lessee shall be subject to the jurisdiction of where the rental has been initiated. The client may submit any complaint or claim to the following address: CTRA Guadalmar, No.48, Malaga 29004.


18)  Translations of these conditions are merely informative and are not legally binding on all the details of its wording. Spanish version is the only legally binding and valid version.


19)  In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13th, protection of Personal Data, we inform you about the incorporation of their personal data to a file owned by Arrow Cars SL. with the purpose of facilitating the provision of the rental service and / or sale of vehicle. Likewise, we inform you that Arrow Cars SL has adopted the technical and organizational guarantee the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, unauthorized access or treatment, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed, all in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21st December, which approves the regulation implementing the Organic Law on Data Protection.

If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from our company, or at any time exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your data can do so by notifying Arrow Cars SL, by writing to CTRA Guadalmar, No.48, Malaga 29004.